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In this section you can find details about the Clever Point API.

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About Clever Point

Clever Point is providing the Consumer the option to deliver / send a package / goods or services (e.g. insurance) at a place and time (24x7x365)convenient for him /her through our network of shop-in-shop service desks in physical attended retail locations (PU/DO). This exponentially growing carrier, retailer or user agnostic Network of physically attended locations is supported through continuous training (on-site & remote) and a holistic and fully customizable IS platform that covers from packaging and tracking to location/ customer experience assessment, location on-boarding all the way to consumer interactions, e.g. notifications, replaning, rerouting and seemingly integrates all e-commerce ecosystem actors (i.e. Merchants, Carriers and Consumers).


In order to create an account for accessing the Clever Point Platform and thus Clever Point API, you need to contact our Sales department. Afterwards we will provide credentials for our test and production environment.